Willy Ramos is an international evangelist, cartoonist, comedian, and author of Underdogs, 4GVN, &  2 Catch a Thief. He has also co-authored several books including Changed, Changed Too,  Changed 3, & Changed 4 Life.

He’s also a song writer, recording artist (3:16 rap CD) and now movie director! He’s written,  produced and directed a short film entitled, SINtroduction, and is currently in pre- production on his next project, a mini series called “Gladiator School.”

The youth call him, “The Ghetto Preacher!”

Ramos, was raised in the streets of South Florida, & says, he “was ultimately rescued by a Jewish  Carpenter named Jesus.”

“Pastor Willy” shares his life’s testimony & conviction through ghetto style poetry, sermons & a touch of humor.

He lives in Orlando FL.


Willy Ramos is available for speaking engagements, seminars, motivational speaking, comedy, poetry, rap concerts, or to emcee an event. Contact: ghettopreacher.info@gmail.com