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I heard Pastor J.Figgz once say in a sermon, that “The Bible is awesome! NOT because the people in the Bible are awesome. But, because God IS, and He did some awesome things with those rejects in the Bible.”
Though, it sounded kind of harsh at first, he was right. And, to be honest, it gave me hope. For example, let’s look at Peter.
This guy was a gangsta! This brotha walked three and a half years with Jesus, and still was strapped with a sword!! That’s like walking inside a church service with a gun! (By the way, I met a guy in Texas that did that. He showed me his piece and I got scared! I wanted to splash him in the face with anointing oil, then use the collection plate as a frisbee and hit him upside his big head with it! Glad I didn’t, though. I probably would’ve got smoked! Turns out he had a permit for the gun. And, was a cop!)
But, Peter wasn’t a cop, he was a fisherman. And, he sucked at that, as well! Without Jesus they never caught anything! Anytime he or John ever caught fish was when Jesus was with them and performed a miracle! Peter, was also a violent man. Remember, when Jesus was going to get arrested, and he chopped off somebody’s ear? I looked up Peter in the Hebrew and his name means Mike Tyson!! Peter didn’t look before he leapt. He just went with the flow. And, let’s not even mention his vocabulary. This brotha probably dropped more “F” bombs than a rapper or a vulgar comedian.
But, he was just a normal human being just like one of us. With defects and all. But, when Jesus got a hold of him, he walked on water! Even, his shadow healed the sick! 1
How about Mary? There’s something about Mary, isn’t there?
A hooker that Jesus Himself had to rebuke seven demons from. She was so messed up, she didn’t have one demon, or two, she had SEVEN! 2
This is the same home girl that perfumed Jesus’ feet with a fragrance that the women that work at Macy’s perfume station would love to have. (They get on my nerves, by the way. Always trying to sell me something! I’m like “Move lady! I’m just trying to reach the food court!” Ha!)  And, when Jesus resurrected from the grave, she was the first to visit His tomb. How cool is that? Not members of the church board, not the pastor, but a skank.
Wow. If God can use these underdogs, there’s hope for me and you!
“Everyone of us has messed up, too … I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new.”
-Taylor Swift
1. Acts 5:15
2. Mark 16:9

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