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“Sin No More”

As she was driving to work, a black Cadillac with three to four men followed her, trying to be as discreet as possible. Mary had no idea she was about to be kidnapped.
She arrived at the Motel 6 and cried before entering. Mary was a prostitute. She prayed for forgiveness and that God will find a way for her to quit the horrible life she now dreaded.
She composed herself then walked up to room #666. Scary.
A “John Doe” was waiting for her and opened the door as soon as she knocked. She couldn’t help but think to herself, ‘He looks like a televangelist.’
What Mary didn’t know was that “John Doe” was in an accomplice to the men in the car.
Thirty minutes later the kidnappers rushed inside the motel room like cops on a police raid. They beat her after she tried to fight them off, then they tied her up with black electrical tape. They were familiar faces to Mary, for once upon a time, they were all clients of hers, as well. The thugs paid off the man and dragged Mary into their black Sedan Deville.
Then, they sped off like bank robbers fleeing a crime scene.
They parked next to a temple and in front of everybody dragged her by the hair like if they were cavemen. (Why a church? I would’ve expected them to flee to andoned warehouse or dropped her by some train tracks,)  Then, they dropped her next to the feet of…a Carpenter. Yup. A Carpenter also known as the Savior of the world. “Teaacher” they said, “this woman was caught in the act of adultery. The law of Moses says she deserves the death sentence. What do You say?”1

We all know the story, Jesus bent down and started tagging their sins on the ground like some kind of graffiti artist. Then, He dared those that weren’t guilty of some kind of sin to throw the first stone. Not one of them did. In fact, they did the opposite. Embarrassed, they all took off running, like the time I thought I saw Jillian & Bob (The Biggest Loser trainers) at the airport. (Ok, I’ll start my diet Monday! Ha!)
I heard a pastor once say in a sermon about Mary something to this affect: ‘If you want to shame somebody and make them feel guilty, don’t bring them to Jesus! Because Jesus will do the opposite. He’ll love them even more!’
Anyways, Jesus, forgave her and told her not to do it again. Amen?
And, as far as we know, she did stop. That very instant. How about you? Is there a sin that’s been messing with you and that you’ve been trying to stop doing?
For reals, yall, if God can change a hooker like Mary, then there’s hope for me and you! Just remember that He loves and forgives you, too. So, go and sin no more!
“Someone who errs can, if he wishes, find restoration.”2
1. John 8:2-11
2. The Lucifer Diary; page 21(Lewis R. Walton)

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