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“Free Indeed”

“Dead man walking!” one of the prison guards shouted as they escorted the death row inmate to a small dark room with glass windows. At one point he stopped walking, making them drag him by the tippy-toe of his orange slippers like the muffler of my dad’s old beat up station wagon. The two cops […]

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“The Benefit of the Doubt”

When I was a kid the movie Free Willy came out, so you can just imagine how cruel the neighborhood bullies were towards me; being that I was a fat little fellow. Hollywood messed up my life! Then, they had a part two and a part three. From hoodlum to hermit! “Willy” wasn’t only a […]

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“Love Connection”

When we think of Valentines, we think of cards, flowers, and chocolates. I, and I’ll explain why, think of God, Adam and Eve, and me. First, picture Adam in the garden naming all the animals. Remember, he was naked. Ha! That’s funny. (I don’t know about you. But, I wouldn’t want to be standing naked […]

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  I heard Pastor J.Figgz once say in a sermon, that “The Bible is awesome! NOT because the people in the Bible are awesome. But, because God IS, and He did some awesome things with those rejects in the Bible.” Though, it sounded kind of harsh at first, he was right. And, to be honest, […]

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“Sin No More”

As she was driving to work, a black Cadillac with three to four men followed her, trying to be as discreet as possible. Mary had no idea she was about to be kidnapped. She arrived at the Motel 6 and cried before entering. Mary was a prostitute. She prayed for forgiveness and that God will […]

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“Thanks but No Thanks”

   I like cook outs. This 4th of July we celebrated our independence with a barbeque at the beach. Holidays are awesome. It gives us a reason to eat, a lot, and get away with it. But before we eat we pray in acknowledgement and appreciation to God for all He did, is doing, and […]

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“Beware of Snakes”

Many moons ago my step son and I were “shooting hoops” outside on our driveway. I did 3 front flips, (like a ninja) bounced off my car, did a back flip with my tongue sticking out like Jordan, slammed dunked the basketball, and shattered the glass backboard like if I was Shaquille O’Neal. Ok, maybe […]

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“Back 2 the Future”

 “The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” (Alice Morse Earle)           In the New Year most of us vow to start exercising more. (Don’t look at me!) A lot of […]

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“Mary’s CHRISTmas to all”

My step-son and I recently went to a Shaquille O’Neal book signing. The book store was packed; lines everywhere. (Reminds me of my stretch marks! Ha!) As he stepped inside the store from his limo, someone screamed out, “There he is!” and the crowd went wild. Now, though I don’t consider Shaq to be a […]

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“Just Jesus!”

The other day I ran into one of my favorite Christian authors in the airport. I wish I could say it was an awesome experience. It wasn’t. I got ghetto for a minute and screamed his name out loud, just to make sure it was him. He turned around. I got nervous (like the time […]

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