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“And, In This Corner…”

Ding…Ding…Ding! I can imagine the ring announcer introducing the two combatants like this the day it all went down: “In this corner weighing 560 pounds…(No, not me!)…with a record of 460 wins and zero losses…the phenom of the Philistines…the super heavyweight champion of Gath…ladies and gentlemen…The undisputed, undefeated Go-li-ath!!!…and in this corner…it’s…it’s…it’s… just… David?” Yup. […]

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“Samson Syndrome”

They danced the night away with no care in the world. Both men and women alike; getting drunk and getting high at a party. The slogan imprinted on the DJ’s shirt described the evening perfectly: Y.O.L.O (You only live once). Then, all of a sudden the DJ stopped spinning his records when he heard someone […]

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“Free Indeed”

“Dead man walking!” one of the prison guards shouted as they escorted the death row inmate to a small dark room with glass mirrors. At one point he stopped walking, making them drag him by the tippy-toe of his orange slippers like the muffler of my dad’s old beat up station wagon. The two cops […]

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